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guide by your sideWhat Is Guide by Your Side™?

Guide By Your Side™ (GBYS)* is a program for families of children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. GBYS gives families an opportunity to meet with another parent of a Deaf or Hard of Hearing child, called a Parent Guide. The program is free to all Michigan families.

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Who are Parent Guides?
Only another parent knows what it is like to hear the words “your child has a hearing loss.” Families may experience a range of feelings and have many questions. Parent Guides understand. They are trained to provide information in an unbiased manner and they offer emotional support. We have Parent Guides all over the state. They are ready to help.

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What does GBYS offer?

  • Information about communication options provided in an unbiased manner
  • An ongoing supportive relationship with another parent of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing
  • Answers to questions and information about local, statewide and national resources
  • Collaboration with Early On®, Intermediate School Districts and other service providers
  • Information about other parent support opportunities
  • Free copy of family notebook


What parents are saying…

“Finally, someone understood what I was feeling because she’d felt this way, too. After I met my Parent Guide, I just started reconnecting to the world again.”

“This program is the best resource!”

“Talking to another parent who’s ‘been there’ is very helpful.”

How Can I Sign Up?
Enrolling in Guide By Your Side™ is easy, confidential and free. Anyone interested in meeting a Parent Guide can call (517)335-8955, complete our online form or email to gbys@michigan.gov.

What Happens Next?
Parent Guides work with families to find the best time to visit with the family in their home or at another convenient location. Parent Guides make every effort to contact families within 48 hours and to make the first visit with the family within 10 working days.

Interested in becoming a Parent Guide?
Click here to complete the online form.


*Guide By Your Side™ is a Michigan Hands & Voices program that is funded and
coordinated by the Michigan Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program.
copyright 2010 - Hands & Voices Michigan
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